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Make Your Own – Canvas Curtains

January 12, 2018

When we first moved into this house, the previous owners had left us the curtains. Which were great! They were a sheer white with green and really pretty! But I wanted a little different, more rustic look when we renovated the living room. On Pinterest, I saw how GORGEOUS (and cheap) drop cloth curtains could be. So I decided to give it a shot! And so should you.

These curtains are easy peasy – believe me!

When I was reading about how to do this (check out this amazing post), they all said to bleach the drop cloth first. Since I didn’t want my house smelling like bleach, I skipped that part. And aside from maybe not being “white white” and more of an “off white”, I think they turned out fine!

How to get started:

First, head to Amazon and find yourself a painter’s drop cloth and rings. I used this brand for the cloth, but you do you! The size of the one I used here was a 9′ x 12′. Which seems a little excessive, but the cloth will shrink a little by the time you’re done with it. Also, if you have any extra length you can create a pretty fold on the top to add a little more charm (more on that in a minute).

What style of rings you get totally depends on your preference as well, but these popped up as a “frequently bought with” item when I was ordering my cloth and I loved them. I would highly suggest the little clips though, that way there is no sewing involved!


The drop cloth will come and you will be a little worried right away – I was! It’s very stiff and doesn’t really look too promising at first! Keep pushing on.

Before I did anything, I cut the drop cloth in half. To do this, I found the half way point and made a small cut through the seam. From there, I just ripped it the rest of the way. Drop cloth rips down a straight line, which is super convenient. And I knew I wanted the jagged, frayed edge also, so this was perfect. (Note: The edges will fray in the washer/dryer so if you want a straighter edge, I would recommend making that after washing!)

As you probably guessed, throw it in the washer next. I washed mine twice, then dried. (If I were to throw bleach in, I probably would have done this as the washer was filling.)

A lot of fuzz (right word?) comes off of the cloth in the dryer – be prepared. But this is how you’ll end up with that nice, softened cloth at the end!


How gorgeous is that?! It’s the perfect mix of new, yet worn. (Swoooooooon.)

Once I washed and dried both pieces, I laid them out flat on the floor. I measured how long I wanted them to be, then folded the excess over at the top. I also made sure to put my ripped edge toward the middle of the window – up to you how you want to do that! 

I just love that look. 

From there, I just estimated where the middle was. Since I had seven ring clips to use on either side of the curtain, I clipped one in the middle and equally spaced my way out from there. To be honest, you really can’t tell if this measurement is perfect or not when the curtain is up! 

Slide the rings on the curtain rod and you are done my friend! 




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