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Wire Basket Mailbox

May 17, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so incredibly happy that wire baskets are becoming a HUGE trend.  Just the right amount of clean simplicity, with just enough rustic edge – I love it!  And you know what I don’t love?  The piles of mail that sit on my new island because I haven’t got around to sorting it yet (sigghhhh).  So I decided to tackle making a wire basket mailbox!  Because even if my mail isn’t more organized, I still get adult points for making it look pretty, right?

First of all, I am super lucky in the fact that my Grandpa’s farm has a great supply of old barn wood.  I had a piece already cut for another project, but it worked perfectly for this one instead.  And the two wire baskets, I ordered from Amazon.  Where else!  They actually were meant to hang over a cabinet door, but I rigged them up to hang on this board instead.

Photo 8

If you look realllllly close you can see where I marked my two hole with pins.  I put the basket where I wanted it and pushed the pins where I needed my little nails to go.

Here is a little closer picture.

Photo 9

Next, I pounded little nails in where the pins were and bent them upwards with a pliers to create a little hook.  And my baskets hung right on there!

Photo 1-2 Photo 7

This project literally takes no time at all.  Just attach a wire to the back for hanging and you have a nice little mailbox!



Photo 4


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