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The Shack’s Entryway – Before!

May 5, 2017

Well, here it is!

Please ignore some of the wonky, yellow glare in some of these pics.  These were taken right away when we moved in, and there really is no good way to photograph a shiny purple wall with a blurry iPhone!


The wall seperating the entry from the kitchen – this isn’t here anymore!
A little look into the kitchen. Did you know the room we’re in was actually used as a bedroom?
A peek into the closet.
More of the purple wall. This was taken standing right in the front doorway! The master bedroom is off to the side there. Do you think I should have kept the purple and turquoise?


Here’s a view of the whole room! The walls, carpet, and doorway look nothing like they do now!

Want to know what the entry looks like now and how we did some of the renovations?  Check back tomorrow!

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