Hey there!

Welcome to Stella Street Market! And thank you for stopping in to our little corner of the web! Here, our passion is all things beautifully rustic and we want to help YOU create your dream farmhouse, one DIY at a time.

So, you may be wondering…

Why Stella Street?

Let me tell you about this little undertaking of ours.  Our first house is a little fixer upper on Stella Street. It was my first real-life purchase (AHH!), and my first real awakening to how expensive “getting the farmhouse look” can be – or the labor behind it anyway! So I made it my goal to find all the DIY’s I could… and enlisted my dad and boyfriend as my new carpenters.

To keep it short, Stella Street has been a fun learning project for all of us (full of trial and error!) – naming the blog after it seemed like the perfect fit! So please explore awhile, check out the Farmhouse Tour if you’re wondering where to start, and tell us what you think!